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8th-Feb-2009 03:26 pm - a question [fam, userpix]
light reading, shesnotasecret_
so. sometimes i use my brother's MacBook, and i noticed that my Rupert icon gets replaced with this:
but on my computer, Rupert is still there. now my question is: who is this guy? also, i'm a little curious about who belongs to this icon. at first i thought it was 80x80 like all of my icons, but evidently lj just resizes it. is this guy more Mac-appropriate or something? i'm not 100% sure, but i think he also showed up when i used my sister's Mac.

sorry i haven't been around much, even though my brother got us DSL and a home wireless network for Christmas (my PC finally graduated from dialup yay), so theoretically i should be around more.
26th-Dec-2008 06:49 am - tapos pare emo daw siya [sidekicks, tv]
wizard rock
everyone having happy holidays?

still not sure whether Takipsilim is a better or worse idea than that local version of Gossip Girl that deejdeej has mentioned before. i don't look at Rayver and think sparkly marble vampire OMG, although Bella is probably within Shaina's range, such as it is. i'm afraid to look at the fandom_wank report, and ABS has apparently deleted its own news report about acquiring the rights, which seems a bit wanky, although maybe it's just that they realized they totally jumped the gun on that one.

while we're on the subject, deej, my mind still refuses to believe that they're even considering a local version of Gossip Girl and i fail at understanding why Luis Manzano would be such a horrible Chuck Bass (except for the fact that he may be too musclebound) because i really don't think Dingdong Dantes would be any better and it's not like ABS could get Dingdong anyway.

in any case, people, i was quite entertained by the summary of Twilight in local stoner boy Tagalog. Poging Bangkay is my new favorite nickname for Edward. where'd your sister find it, deej? i mean, do you know who wrote it originally?

also, Taylor Lautner (Jacob) was Sharkboy. i don't know why this amuses me.
for girlcontinuum & dcdevotee

happy birfday, Clara & Shibby!
you can has birfday cake.
for second time the Phelpses make an appearance in your birthday greeting. as soon as i saw the picture this morning, i loved it. James & Oliver support spelling!

for sff_corgi

you can has birfday cake too!

for me

dearest Rupert, your self-appointed wardrobe mistress approves. so very very much.

for all
the love letters of Edward Cullen to Sarah Palin
can i just say that i love how evil Emmett is in it.
memo to self: avoid the white White Rabbit candy. this will be quite easy to do since i always preferred the brown White Rabbit candy. i never was convinced by whoever it was who told me back when i was a little kid that the paper covering the white candy is edible. to this day i think they were pulling my leg. except now it's not the paper that's the problem.

[e.t.a] oh Vicki, i did not know you were a White Rabbit commercial model. *LOL* you're still one of the cutest things China ever produced, though.
25th-Sep-2008 11:04 am - indayyy...will always love you. [potterania, tv]
yes i know i talk too much about Korean stuff on my lj but i can't help it, i've practically stopped watching tv that isn't from Korea. or Japan. except for CSI. so anyway, Jeon Do-yeon's new movie is coming soon and this morning i found out who her leading man in it is. immediately i thought Ha Jeong-woo looked familiar but couldn't remember what show i'd seen him in before - this happens to me a lot. so, Google to the rescue, and then i remembered. he was her bodyguard Dong-nam in Lovers in Prague! *squeee* if Detective Choi and Jae-hee hadn't been such an adorable couple, i would've totally been down with presidential daughter Jae-hee and her bodyguard getting together. even if she did go around telling people (well, mostly Detective Choi) that Dong-nam was her brother rather than admit he was her Secret Service detail.

p.s. i wish i lived nearer to the US National Library of Medicine. a visit to Harry Potter's World: Renaissance Science, Magic, and Medicine could've been my birthday gift to myself.

p.p.s. now that i finally know what it means, legen- wait for it! is one of my favorite domains ever, considering it's for a show i can't even watch. it's right up there with fightevilreadbooks.com
[e.t.a] LWFI even has a feed: himym_news. excellent.
oh io9. this is why i love you. in a hypothetical battle between Voltron and Voltes V, i would totally be rooting for Voltes V to win. Voltron doesn't have a ninja and a cowboy. :P

i'm also quite pleased with io9's coverage for the Gatchaman movie.
7th-Sep-2008 03:15 pm - random thoughts on a Sunday [tv]
wizard rock
i've thought it before, and will probably think it again (when Twilight is in the movie theaters): i liked Kristen Stewart better when she was just an Jodie Foster's androgynous girlchild. but y'know, androgynousness is one of my weaknesses, so whatevs.

UPS delivered my free book from Librarything's Early Reviewers group yesterday. and now i have to read it then write a review. it shouldn't take too long because it's not a thick book but it's self-help, which i hardly ever read, and i'm very lazy about writing reviews. i just signed up to get the book because i got excited that Early Reviewers actually sends some books to my country now. plus it's free. LOL

i really should disconnect now, it's time for Shakugan no Shana followed by Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge.
toerning/lusushi, ron, hermione, love
i don't particularly care whether the HBP movie is shown in November 2008 or July 2009. maybe it's because worse things happened to me last week than the announcement about the movie getting postponed. maybe it's because i'm not such a big fan of the HP movies. [e.t.a maybe it's because of my innate patience LOL] whatever the reason, i'm just not that into it.

but then green_queen pointed out something else i can add to My Reasons Why I Dislike Steve Kloves. now that totally gave me an "O NOES!!!" moment. i'm just very very fond of my Ron/Hermione kissage.

[e.t.a II] also, this:
...Ron and Lavender come bumbling into this dark corner of Hogwarts looking for a place to snog. Hermione shoos them away with a magical gust of wind, then weeps harder.
magical gust of wind - is that supposed to be the canaries replacement? just like shoelace is the new maggot?
wizard rock
so... dudski. apparently, several days ago you were all "I greatly enjoy the implication that for decades on end, all of the Cullens spent their nights having crazy sex while Edward sat around and studied and kept on being a virgin who never whacked off." i'm sort of envious that i was not present when you were all greatly enjoying that particular implication, which set off a semi-rp in which balcarin & welurklate turned Edward into a 40 year old mother on a bad day. i had to find out about it from someone else on my f-list (hermione_like) who found out about it via someone else on my f-list (chickadilly)

clearly i should pay more attention to the quality Twilight LULZ. this almost makes me want to read the other two books that i already have (thanks to alcarcalime), Eclipse...and the other one i forgot the title of, but it must be a time of day, right? [e.t.a LOL it's New Moon] just so i can laugh along when peeps are brilliant like that. if i can tear myself away long enough to read something that isn't illustrated with cute Japanese people, or something that isn't a Kinsey Millhone novel. we'll see.

btw Dinny, don't think i haven't noticed that you seem to be continuously on gchat. what is up with that? ;)

in other news, i may finally be forced to buy a new cellphone, like my (biological) sister's been bugging me to. but i haven't found one i really like yet. woe.

[e.t.a II] Joseph just made me laff by saying that my Hufflepunk icon looks like Yahoo Serious. he also claimed that Yahoo Serious is bigger than Elvis. ^O^
1st-Aug-2008 11:28 am - del.icio.us > delicious.com
found out today that delicious.com is an IP-cop banned site on this network :-/ i knew there was a reason i preferred del.icio.us over delicious.com - aside from the geek factor. i'd been hoping it would be mirrored instead of redirecting everything to delicious.com. i even tried IP number substitution but kept getting sent back to delicious.com at some point. anyway, the new look has me underwhelmed - but that might also be my disgruntlement about the URL change.

~stubborn crank who will keep parsing it as del.icio.us
...this picture
makes you think about whether the blood spatter on him looks realistic. or at least i hope that it's blood spatter, and not supposed to be all _his_ blood.
aside from that, he looks great. his hair looks especially vivid against the blue background. and is he wearing a little padlock on that gold chain around his neck?

24th-Jul-2008 04:31 pm - awww [sidekicks]
atomic kitten

Cats: Ron & Hermione
18th-Jul-2008 09:57 am - MOAR BIKE LESS CAR!
though Lord knows i never did learn how to ride a bike. (i'm resigned to being a walker and a passenger.) i just have admiration for people who bike. and i love the slogan.
8th-Jul-2008 10:47 am - memo to self, for today
atomic kitten
Andre Norton? a woman. fortunately for me, she hasn't come up in conversation in my immediate vicinity, otherwise i could've ended up like Tristan DuGrey, who thought PJ Harvey was a guy. if it weren't for io9 this morning, i would have remained in potentially embarrassing ignorance.

and now i pause for a not at all relevant, but pretteh picture:
i wish i knew who that is, kissing Jang Keun Suk. she sort of looks like Kim Yunjin, whom i believe is a bit older than Keun Suk - not that it matters, it doesn't make the picture any less pretteh. also to self, figure out exactly where i found this picture in the first place. >_<
12th-Jun-2008 05:16 am - yes i am an Elvendork. [potterania]
light reading, shesnotasecret_
oh JK Rowling. you know what i like. and by "what i like" i mean James/Sirius action.
...OK so not really James/Sirius. but still. action. James & Sirius! HOOOYEAH!

and that Harry/Ginny pic that was released too!

it's almost enough to make a girl feel better about fuel prices, because i am seriously dismayed our entire civilization runs on a fuel that is going to totally run out on us and leave us in the lurch at some point and then it'll all be over, Tyler Durden style. or at least that's the way my brother said it's going to be. unless some genius finds a way to pressure-cook millions of years worth of plant/animal matter into oil or something. when i was little i used to like the smell of gasoline. maybe that was because i didn't realize then what a pain the stuff really is.

[e.t.a] it's cute that the Order of the Phoenix had t-shirts made.

[e.t.a II] i can't drive, so could someone please give me a for-dummies explanation of what "crashing one's gears" means? if that's even what she actually wrote.
1st-Jun-2008 04:02 am - made of fail [tv]
if i'd known you were going to preempt my Saturday afternoon Korean tv show marathon with a goddamn replay of American Idol's most recent season, i would've just gone to the office and done that cron job i should've done on Friday. thanks for nothing.
25th-May-2008 07:03 am - four(square) [potterania]
light reading, shesnotasecret_
OK so i have my four(square) HP Magical Minis (that my brother & sister gave me for Christmas several years ago) on my desk below my computer monitor, and sometimes when i get home i notice they've been rearranged, probably when our housekeeper dusts. she often gets the arrangement wrong, and if you know me then you also know what the wrong arrangement is, right? so i'm thinking maybe our housekeeper 'ships the pairing i find so annoying i will not even deign to type it out on my lj. but then this morning, i noticed very belatedly that she'd rearranged them this way:
Hermione + Ginny . . . Harry + Ron
LOL i think i'll keep them that way for awhile.
Hana Yori Dango on Saturday and Sunday afternoons!!! OMG how much do i love you right now, 27? a whole damn lot! that's how much. plus there's still Love Truly a.k.a I Really Really Like You and my new-ish favorite, Lovers in Prague which i like much much better than Lovers in Paris because, among other things, Ethan Allen was in Prague.

so now i'm thinking about whether i really want to do a reread of Hana Yori Dango. because, 200+ chapters. but i love it. but 200+ chapters. and not short cute chapters like School Rumble either. argh, i should've made notes.

also, i successfully used my brother's Xbox 360 to watch the dvd that came with Coldplay's X&Y, and the Sharon Cuneta dvd that came with my sister's tv. next time my brother's out, i'll probably use it to watch The Return of the King and skip right to the parts with Éowyn and/or Faramir.
toerning/lusushi, ron, hermione, love
so it's 4 in the morning and i've been up since around midnight making notes about my favorite pages from a shoujo manga that i will not name because i'm somewhat embarrassed about liking it as much as i do. and in so doing i am neglecting important things i could be doing instead, like replying to emails and stuff like that. >_<
23rd-Jan-2008 11:25 am - R.I.P. [death]
Heath Ledger didn't seem like a young celebrity the news people would have an obit ready for :( it never occurred to me that celebrity obits were pre-written, but then i don't like thinking about death.
30th-Dec-2007 05:53 am - music meme [music, potterania, thel]
wizard rock
Comment on this post and I'll give you a band or an artist. Don't worry, I'll try to make it one you know and love [hint, hint: go put some in your interests to make it really easy. or i'll look at your last.fm if i know it. i love looking at people's last.fm user pages]. You put your ten favorite songs by that band on your lj (with lyrics if possible!) and in reply to the comments, challenge others to do the same.
chickadilly, who's on a movie score kick, gave me Hans Zimmer.
  1. the end credits from The Ring - i love Ringu movies, and i have it on a compilation cd

  2. "I See Dead People in Boats" from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
    and speaking of pirates...

  3. "Boom Shakalaka" from Muppet Treasure Island - although to be totally honest, i didn't know he did the music for this movie 'til i saw it on his Musicbrainz page >_<

  4. turns out he also did the music for The House of the Spirits - saw it ages ago and it was depressing in parts, but on the whole i liked it. Jeremy Irons was hawt.

  5. "Trailblazing" from the international trailer for Pearl Harbor. which i didn't really like. i mean the movie of course. the music i had no problem with - it's probably the only part i'm sure i like.

  6. Black Hawk Down - once again, i tend to not like military movies and only watched it because my BFF was on her Josh Hartnett kick at the time, and i was concerned about whether or not ickle Orli Bloom would get killed in it. the music was OK.

  7. "Dear Clarice" from Hannibal - just because i played Clarice to Louie's Hannibal at the Christmas party. but he used a scene from Silence of the Lambs of course.

  8. "Desert Flower" from Prince of Egypt - Zipporah is my favorite thing about the Moses story.

  9. "Spider Pig" from The Simpsons Movie - it's so cute when the choir goes "look up! he's a Spider Pig"
    and my favorite Hans Zimmer song is...

  10. "You're So Cool" from True Romance - but i actually never saw the movie all the way through, and fell in love with the song because it was also used on Young Americans. the steel drums make it completely adorable.
let me know if you're interested in any of the songs and i'll see what i can do for you.

and OMG i've just realized (although really it was staring me in the face, right there on the family tree iamfez posted) George married Angelina (Fred's date to the Yule Ball) and they had a kid whom they named Fred! that's sorta Pearl Harbor.
Leo (Trillanes)
It's ok to surrender your heart now and again and in doing so, learn something about yourself in the process. What happens next will make everyone green with envy.

Aries (Arroyo)
If considering a change in your career, make sure it doesn’t land you in the same spot. Be proactive in sourcing viable opportunities and the right one will eventually present itself.

quotes and underlining courtesy of the fabulous Señorita Marga
go_fug_yourself made my day today by making up Pedicure Coven and Tampax Warriors as the CW and CBS versions (respectively) of Lipstick Jungle and Cashmere Mafia.

p.s. the love letter from the Times Online is pretty funny too. the one by Margaret Atwood.
21st-Oct-2007 07:08 am - sooo... [hufflepuff pride, potterania]
toerning/lusushi, ron, hermione, love
Dumbledore was gay, and while i don't have really strong feelings about that, i am rather pleased about the way in which JKR said so: by shooting down something in Steve Kloves' script. *cackles* so anyway, i should remember now not to be disconcerted at all by Michael Gambon calling everyone "darling" in The Life Aquatic, although Dumbledore really wasn't the sort of gay man who went around calling everyone "darling"

also: Neville/Hannah SQUEEE!!! ♥
8th-Oct-2007 05:29 pm - albino peacock sighting! [tv]
toerning/lusushi, ron, hermione, love
albino peacock at the nouveau riche villain's manor in rainboworchid.


also: when the Bloomberg tv spot about "A Greener Asia" comes on i hear Bernard Lo (or at least i think it's Bernard Lo) say "Harry Potter" - it was a little while before i figured out what he really said was "dirty water"
toerning/lusushi, ron, hermione, love
had to gack it from h311ybean even though i'm sure the list will just look embarrassing after i'm through with it.
These are the top 106 books most often marked as "unread" by LibraryThing's users. As usual, bold what you have read, italicise what you started but couldn't finish, and strike through what you couldn't stand. Add an asterisk to those you've read more than once. Underline those on your to-read list. The numbers after each one are the number of LT users who used the tag of that book.
106 booksCollapse )

it's not that i couldn't stand the books i struck through, i just had/have no desire to read them. except for The Mists of Avalon - that one i actually couldn't stand. my taste in books is rather particular, i'm afraid.
30th-Sep-2007 06:47 am - super twins [sidekicks]
to the most adorable non-identical twins born to different parents in different countries:

a very happy birthday,
ClaraClara & ShibbyShibby.

i wish i could give you two matching jewelry or something. like maybe power rings. and you could have a secret handshake that lets you change into kicky sailor girl outfits and fight evil.
25th-Sep-2007 12:56 pm - "like a superhero… IN HIS PANTS" [public, tv]
wizard rock
the smartbitches commentary on Moonlight's publicity photo is comedy gold. just felt like sharing that with you people today.

[e.t.a] h311ybean, i suppose you've already been alerted to the NY Times article on the Ateneo - La Salle rivalry? ;)
5th-Sep-2007 01:14 pm - hey now now nananana... [music]
was racking my brain trying to remember what it was i saw that used "Hey Now Now" by The Cloud Room after i heard it again on errorfm.com, fortunately Google came through for me. it was in a Pepsi commercial.

had cheezburger for lunch.

that is all. carry on, soldier.
wizard rock
you know what's not cool? "well," you say, "you're going to tell us, right?"

what is not cool is maliciously tagging artists on last.fm — my belief in free speech notwithstanding, i got pissed off when i saw the last.fm tags for The Moaning Myrtles and The Parselmouths. i know next to nothing about either band apart from their collaborations with the Ministry of Magic (although i am subscribed to the Myrtles' blog) so it's entirely possible i might not like them if i met them personally (plus i don't like too many people, to begin with) but i saw a couple of tags that are immature and out of line, even hateful at worst.

as h311ybean might say, what those tag clouds need is a nice big dose of positivity. the negativity is sorta killing my hopes for a stronger wizrock presence on last.fm because at least on evil myspace, artists can delete if people vandalize or something :(

in news that's about me, my room has been rearranged. as well as cleaned. a little.
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