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home alone, and there's no running water in my house right now. >_< somebody saaave meee, i don't care how you do it.

i've been a bad lj'er, kept falling asleep and didn't get my proper lj time in the last several days.

and then i opened my mail earlier, and it's all spam, this is almost enough to make me swear off the 'net. almost. but almost doesn't count.

in better news, i've finally written my first R/H. just a drabble-vignette thing, because if i tried for anything longer than that my head would probably explode and it'd just remain unfinished like my poor Draco/Ginny, Viktor/Fleur and Harry/Blaise fics. *sigh* well, there was that Harry/Pansy ficlet that i actually did finish but it doesn't really count because it was just a lark. so anyway, this drabble is dedicated to my lovely muses of the moment, _lucy_Luce and DinnydindinDinnydindin. i'm publishing it on too, just so i finally have something of my own there.

Author: Del C ( del@ )
Rating: PG
Category: Romance/Humor
Summary: Candy. Ron & Hermione. Just read it, it's mercifully short.
A/N: For Lucy. Also for Dinny, there's a bit in here that reminds me of you. :)
Disclaimer: Not mine. *sob*

It won't do / To dream of caramel / To think of cinnamon
And long for you
-"Caramel" by Suzanne Vega, _Nine Objects of Desire_ (also on the soundtrack to _The Truth About Cats & Dogs_)

She saw the unopened piece of candy on the carpeted floor by the couch. It had fallen from the long fingers of the boy whose arm was dangling down the side of the couch. He was the lone occupant of the Gryffindor common room at the moment.


Had he been waiting up for her? Well, that was rather sweet of him. Oh, stop that, Hermione quickly reprimanded herself. He doesn't do things like this for the reasons you think he does. Not for the reasons you wish he would do them. He's just being...Ron.

She stepped closer to the sleeping boy and looked down at his supine form. He looked nice when he was asleep. It was like art, the pale red of his eyelashes contrasted with the "spattergroit" across his cheekbones. She smiled at the memory of that; although...there was that other thing the Healer from the medieval portrait in St. Mungo's mentioned, about how Ron should stand naked by the light of the full moon - that did funny things to her insides sometimes. She didn't think these were funny-hoho things, exactly. Hermione frowned and sighed a tiny sigh as she bent down a little to wake him up.

Then she saw the smear of something on his cheek, near the slightly upturned corner of his mouth. Was that caramel? Picking up the piece that had fallen confirmed her guess. Hermione bent her knees so her face was on a level with his. This close to him and still his breathing was deep and even - he slept on, unaware. She looked at the smear again. It gave idea.

She might as well, there was no one else here to see, and Ron was sleeping the sleep of the just, he'd never have to know.

She licked him.

Up the side of his face. It took the smear clean off in one fell swipe. She would always remember the taste of it in her mouth. Everything seemed on "pause" for a moment and Hermione considered what she'd just done impulsively. And then there was no more time to think because suddenly she sensed the boy in front of her returning to wakefulness. She jumped back a safe distance from him.

His eyes opened. When they focused on her, the slightly upturned corners of his mouth transfigured into his usual good-natured, if somewhat sleepy, grin. "Hey, you're back."

"Yes." Were you waiting up for me?

He noticed his hand dangling from the couch was empty and looked around to see her holding the candy loosely in her fingers.

She looked at it too then held it out to him. "You dropped this."

"No, that's for you. Mum sent a box of them."

"Oh. Thanks."

Then he put a hand up to his cheek, his brow creasing just a little bit.

"Um, you drooled in your sleep?" she suggested, crossing her fingers behind her back.

"Erm -"

I know your name / I know your skin / I know the way these things begin...

More A/N: This one's for Luce because she insists on Ron's eyes being brown, and caramel is brown. Um. Yeah. And also? Luce is a world-class licker, Hermione's got nuthin' on her ;)
Tags: potterania, sidekicks
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